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Hot off the presses, NeanderThin is now available in paperback

published by Saint Martins Press, New York, NY
ISBN 0-312-24338-3





Fan Mail
a small sample

My son found your Neanderthin book at Whole Foods on Greenville last October or November. He finally convinced me to buy it in the middle of December. That weekend I threw all my grains, beans, soy sauce, tempeh, spaghetti, etc., into the compost bucket. We have been eating Neanderthin (with a little Dr. Atkins thrown in for me) ever since.
About a week after we started, I noticed a chronic fuzziness in my head had disappeared. It didn't take much to realize that much of what I had eaten previously -- fueled by the sugar in Pepsis and Cokes -- had been fermenting inside me, producing an alcohol that had kept me on a constant, low-grade drunk most of my waking hours -- and, perhaps, most of my sleeping hours as well.
In addition, a "spot" on my lungs/bronchial tubes, that I have had since 1974 as a result of walking pneumonia turned to 6 weeks of laryngitis with the first 2 weeks of taste and smell loss, has just about cleared up. The clearing of the lungs and tubes has also allowed me to have more stamina and endurance -- and less phlegm -- when I walk early in the morning before work.
Although I have not started losing pounds by leaps and bounds, I am definitely re-shaping and slenderizing. My skin does not look as pasty as it used to; although it still is pale, as I have to do my walking around sunrise.
On January 12, 3 to 4 weeks after we started NeanderThin, my son LeRoy ran the Marathon in Houston while I walked the downtown SK. The temperature never went above freezing during the entire race. It took of from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to drive back to Corsicana in the snow the afternoon after the race. We did the races very well with home-made pemmican and a ground pecan-raisin-date mixture that Sunday morning.
I believe LeRoy's recovery from that marathon was faster and better than the one he went through at the Amarillo marathon -- his first marathon -- the previous May. He cut about 15-20 minutes off his time from the first to the second, and hopes to cut another 15-20 minutes off the next one back in Amarillo on May 24 (I will be walking my first I OK, which should take me about 2 hours).
Unfortunately, current, inhumane trends in corporate agri-business have led a great many well-intentioned people to embrace vegetarianism. Fortunately, there are a good many small farmers who are ready to accept the challenge of producing meat while utilizing models which mimic nature and, therefore, produce a healthier, and happier, end product. Most of these folks have determined that their only shot at surviving the corporate raids on American farmland is to market their high-quality goods directly to the consumer. These people would be greatly empowered by your book.
I have been meaning to write to you for some time. There is at least one person here in Miami who thinks your book is monumental. Your book shakes the very foundations of not only dieting, but of civilization as well. I am grateful to you for enlightening me.
Your diet has changed my life, my views on medicine, my philosphy, my love of nature. You are right about hunter-gatherers not fiting into "civilized" society. It seems like our whole culture is built on the foods of technology. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of technology based foods have a financial stranglehold. Most doctors and dieticians know only what they have been brainwashed with. Well, thanks to you, there are some of us who know the truth. With your guidance we have rediscovered our place in nature. Hell, I love being a primate!!
I began the Neanderthin diet on September 10 at 221 pounds. My weight today is 182 pounds, a loss of 39 pounds since July 10. My cholesterol was checked about a month ago, and it had dropped from 267 (January 1995) to 194. I am very pleased with the diet. I feel better than I have in years.

 I have (and my wife too) been following the Neanderthin diet (we call it the way) for nearly 3 years now and enjoy it and it's benefits greatly. I have made gifts of 10 of your books and now need more.
A.M., d.d.s.
To Ray's wife-
Your husband has helped save my son's brain.
I applaud your book. It is highly informative and logical. I've located most of the bibliography at my library! I've had chronic asthma for approx. 15 years and after following your diet strictly for 2-1/2 months.. I only take my med.'s twice a day instead of every 2 hours. My immune system is redeveloping back to normal.
I must admit many of my patients have enjoyed and benefited from your simple approach and I think I have single-handedly created a market for your publication in our neck of the woods.
B.S., MD
My son Bruce is 23 years old and has ALS. He heard you speak on public radio here in Houston and bought your book.
Bruce started the diet and began to feel better the first week.
Since then he has gained 11lb. and he is still gaining. This is unheard of for someone with ALS for 5 years. He has also gained so much energy and strength, which increases daily. One of the aspects of this illness is losing weight and wasting away. When Bruce started the diet he weighed 88lb. I called Bruce's neurologist, Dr. Frank Yatsu head of Neurology at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and he said it was a miracle.
After going on the diet strictly (but remarkably easy), my need for sleep dropped dramatically after a week (from 8+ hours to 6-7 hours), and over the course of three months, I unintentionally lost fifteen pounds.
Dear Ray
A month ago I collected the 2d largest fee ever, which I attribute to your diet.
Last August I devoted 90% of my available time to preparing an exhaustive creative brief in a federal court insurance case against one of the biggest law firms in Texas. The brief convinced my trial judge, the trial judge convinced the 5th Circuit Court of appeals in New Orleans and they affirmed in a summary opinion without hearing arguments.
I was only about one or two months into the diet last August but before the diet the sustained intensive work on one difficult intellectual task was beyond me.
Now, in addition to handling heat, fatigue and stress better, I am far more patient, even cunning, and certainly more dangerous to those who stand against me.
One final physical note: as I told you before cramps and muscle soreness have become virtually non-existent compared to what they were before.
One concomitant feature: hiccups now are almost impossible for me to get and very easily stopped when they come. Before they were a monthly or quarterly nuisance sometimes hard to get rid of.
A friend from Dallas sent me your book, Neanderthin, because I have a condition called Chronic Fatigue Immunology Syndrome.
My daughter and I started the diet one week ago. I am pleased and amazed at the increase in energy I am experiencing! My 18 year old daughter no longer needs an alarm clock to wake up; in fact, she's been arising an hour before the alarm goes off!

For two years I talked to diabetic specialists, gastro entomologists, Internists, allergists, homeopathic specialists, and general practitioners. They drew blood, put me on medications, told me to gain weight, put me on Prozac, and in the end assured me it was all in my head. Mean while I never left the
house unless absolutely necessary and fasted often as it was the only time I felt clear headed.
I finally gave up. I read researched and self diagnosed. At different times I thought I had any one of dozens of strange diseases. Finally one night, trying to pick apart the arguments in Barry Sears' Zone book, I gave up and recognized that his argument was logically sound, and fairly well tested. I tried his diet. For several weeks I felt great. Then I noticed I needed higher levels of protein and lower of carbohydrate to feel the same result. I picked up your book on a biographical recommendation and read the intro to the second chapter.
I, like you, had never been overweight. At the time i stood six feet two and weighted 152 pounds. I didn't want to loose weight. I wanted to regain my life. I took a careful look at your research, a leap of faith, and committed to your diet.
Sir at the risk of sounding melodramatic, You gave me back my life. I have not been on the diet long, and am experiencing some difficulties still, but I have not felt so since high school. I am slowly looking over your resources, but took this time to say thank you.




   May 2000



Copyright 2004 Ray Audette & Paleolithic Press