Paleofitness: a guide for the paleo-natural bodybuilder

a guide for the paleo-natural bodybuilder

Copyright © 2000 by Philip Thrift


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  • Follow a meat-based paleodiet. Get NeanderThin!
  • Weightlift 4 times a week (split body -- 30-40 min per day max) + abs only 2 times a week. Workouts are done first thing in the morning *before* the first meal.
  • Integrate some sort of meditation/breathing practice. Practice NeanderZen.


Here's an example split body routine (only 30-40min max -- only each body part once a week):

  • Mon: pecs/tris
  • Tue: abs
  • Wed: hams/calves
  • Thu: lats/delts/bis
  • Fri: abs
  • Sat: quads
  • Sun: stretching/breathing/flexing

Here's an example day's schedule and diet:

  • Wake up: drink some green tea.
  • Workout: heavy weights -- selected body parts.
  • First meal right after workout: 3/4 lb chicken breast + 1 cup chopped green pepper and tomatoes.
  • Mid morning meal: 3/4 lb steak + 1/2 sliced peach.
  • Lunch: 3/4 lb pork loin + 1 cup chopped onions and cucumber.
  • Early Dinner: 3/4 lb mix of steak + 1/2 squash.
  • Later dinner: 3/4 lb chicken + 1/2 cup blueberries.
This includes at least 5 liters of spring water and an omega-3 fatty acid supplement (fish body oils). Some days I include more meat or vary the amounts of fruits or veggies depending on how I feel.

More information on paleo-nutrition can be found by reading the PaleoFOOD mailing list.