Should You be
Eating Like a

A new diet book on the market, Neanderthin, is telling us we
need to eat all natural meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
The heart of author Ray Audette's diet is animal protein: not just
meat, but fat, and lots of it. Audette started eating like a caveman
15 years ago after being diagnosed with diabetes. "I quickly real-
ized that grains, beans, potatoes, milk and sugar would not be edible
to me," he said. "After I stopped eating them, my blood sugar went
normal within the week." Audette claims that when you don't eat fat,
"your hunger never goes away," and he asserts it is well documented
that as fat consumption has gone down in the U.S. weight has gone up.
So, if you want to be less fat, eat more fat, he argues. The Neanderthin
diet is considered Neanderthal by some dieticians, who call it a primitive,
artery-clogging mistake. "It is a dangerous diet that's going to kill a lot
of people," says Dr. Dean Ornish, who has written a diet book of his own.
(CBS, Jan 21, 2000)

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